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Private Sessions

Yoga encourages harmony of the mind body and spirit

The regular practice of yoga improves your muscle strength and tones, as well as improving your flexibility and ease of movement. The relaxation and meditation techniques can also help to reduce chronic pain and help you manage stress and improve mental wellbeing


You can book all my classes here and simply pay in person when you arrive (a deposit is required to secured the booking).

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if you are looking for a holistic mind/body/heart practice that provides you with tools to take your yoga away from the mat, I cannot recommend Lorena enough. Her classes combine a powerful but kind and accessible asana (posture) practice with a focus on breathing and alignment with the more subtle practices of the mind/soul.

She uses practical examples from nature to introduce topics like compassion, acceptance, self-care, love and perseverance (to name a few).

Her sweetness and smile are contagious and I always feel inspired and energised for the week ahead."


Connect with yourself!

Step out of your day and on to your mat. Feel your body and calm your mind. Yoga gives you a deeper experience of who you really are.  Join my mailing list and be the first to know about new classes and special events.

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