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Embrace and Celebrate

Your Fluid Feminine Essence

Through gentle sharing and mindful discussion


These nurturing sessions bring together women of all ages in a friendly atmosphere of reverence, curious exploration and mutual support. Together, we embrace and celebrate our fluid feminine essence through gentle Yoga and mindful sharing and discussion. Sound healing and Reiki will also be included. Connecting with your own inner resource helps make peaceful living a reality, discharging the burden of stress from juggling work and family life and reconnecting with your inner desires and passions.

Reconnect to Yourself

For thousands of years and across many cultures, women have gathered to reconnect to one another, themselves and the well of women's wisdom. Our monthly gathering is based in the tradition of yoga, which historically was designed for men, so we'll be putting a feminine spin on things; slowing down and diving into our intuition.These sessions are held once a month usually on Full Moon and/or New Moon days.Space is limited, so do register soon to join one of them or to be added to the waiting list for upcoming cycles.Please contact me if you are interested in attending. Venue (in Walthamstow) will be send upon booking.

Love, Lorena x

love attending Lorena's weekly yoga sessions.  Lorena has been my yoga instructor for at least two years and now that I am 60 I realise how much she has improved my balance and general co-ordination during that time.  In fact I would go so far as to say that Lorena's yoga sessions have improved my quality of life and slowed down my aging process as far as my range of movement is concerned.  Lorena's gentle teaching approach always seems to get the best out of her pupils.  She keeps our sessions interesting by introducing at last one new move every week.  I always look forward to my yoga sessions with Lorena.


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