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Sacred Sound Therapy

Sacred Sounds Therapy &

Sound Baths


Singing bowls and gong therapy create a sensory meditative experience through the therapeutic tones of the singing bowls. it is an excellent way to calm the mind, open the heart and nourish the soul. I offer one to one and group sessions on request. Please contact me for details. 


I am a certified Sound Healing and Vocal Toning therapist, trained by Anne Malone. I am trained to use Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drums, Gong, Hang, Sansula, Rain Sticks, and other tools are known for their vibratory healing power. I have also studied gong therapy with Don Conreaux and Vikrampal Singh.


I offer tailored sessions adapted to your own specific needs combining different healing methods and techniques to be able to offer a truly bespoke experience.


Sessions can be offered in English or Spanish.

Spanda - the vibration of conciousness

Music has been used since ancient times for healing and transformation. If every sound is vibration and if the vibration touches each and every cell of our body, we can perceive sound with our whole body.

Sound healing is the practice of using audio tones and vibrational frequencies and it works on the basis that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Sickness, disease, depression and stress causes human beings to vibrate at a lower frequency and by increasing vibrations through sound these symptoms can be significantly reduced.


Love, Lorena x