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Cancer Wellness


Focusing on Your Mind, Not Your Body

Have you finished cancer treatment?  But instead of relief, you're feeling stuck, anxious and unsure of where to go from here?  

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How do I feel normal again after cancer?

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Finishing cancer treatment brings its own challenges. 


You want to feel normal again, but it’s not necessarily easy to start moving forward.

I can help.  I know how you feel. 
I have been where you are

You may be...

Worried about recurrence or getting cancer again


Exhausted all the time

Uncomfortable in your body

Feeling friends and family don't understand what you've been through

Wanting to feel better and have more energy

Unsure about how to stay healthy

Does this sound familiar...

I desperately want to be 'normal' again, (but I don't know what that is anymore and wonder if I'll ever feel that way again.)

Every time I think I'm moving on I'm constantly reminded about cancer and I freak out all over again.


I have a big fear of cancer coming back.


I get lost in my thoughts and worries about the future and feel so overwhelmed.


I'm not able to deal with pressure or stress anymore.


I have terrible short term memory loss, fatigue and low energy levels, and other pains in my body.


The side effects of hormone treatment are difficult to cope with and it makes me want to stop taking it.


I don't trust or like my body anymore.

Now imagine this

Feeling comfortable and at ease in your body.

Knowing what to do when you encounter those worrying thoughts

and fears, so they don't overwhelm you anymore.

Knowing there is more to you than the parts that are 'broken', and that there is more right with you than wrong with you.

Having clarity and feeling at peace.

Feeling your world is larger than just being a 'cancer patient'.

Feeling healthy, whole and at ease with where you are.

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If you can relate more to the first list, then don't worry - you're not alone!  

This program includes:

A FREE individual phone

interview with me

Breathing techniques

Mindful daily rituals 


Exploration of patterns of thinking, feeling and action, and how to transform them

Mindful movement and body awareness training

Individual feedback and support

This programe has been developed to give you all the support you need to heal physically, emotionally and psychologically and get back to living a great life after cancer.

Together we'll explore all the different parts of a healthy and "whole" you after cancer.  


We'll focus on finding the best lifestyle choices and path forward for you... to reduce anxiety and fears about recurrence, start to heal and feel better, adapt to the new body you're now living in, manage relationships, work and any of the other adjustments that need to be made following cancer. 

I'll share my own personal experience of having had cancer, and the steps I took to move forward and into a living a great life after cancer.


I feel better now than I did before I had cancer and so can you!!

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