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What is
sound meditation?

A Sound Bath is a vibrant sensory experience that brings deep relaxation, rejuvenation and connection to the Self through the sound journey. 


Sound has been used for millennia by ancient civilisations as a healing tool. In ancient Greece, the God Apollo was in charge of both music and healing, and in India, Saraswati is the Goddess of meditation, creativity and sound.


Sound Baths work by taking a person into a place of stillness where they can reconnect to themselves at a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Often, in order to cope with today’s fast-paced world, we shut down our senses, suppress our feelings and ignore our bodies.


You can learn to relax and meditate through the power of sound. The complex drone like sounds of the gongs and the other sacred instruments help to entrain (change) your brainwaves from Beta brainwave state (normal waking consciousness, alert) into lower Alpha and Theta states (relax and healing states). 


By causing our brain waves to change, Sound can take us effortlessly into an altered state of deep awareness (meditation). This state helps us to access the wisdom from within that is usually drowned out by the chattering mind. In this stillness we can hear and appreciate our body's wisdom returning to harmony. Finding harmony through Sound. 

Currently I offer monthly sessions at Yoga Reading and almost weekly sound sessions at other venues around Berkshire. If you would like to find more or when my next sound journey is please contact me.

1-2-1 Healing

During a personal therapeutic session with Lorena Rodrigo, the focus is on addressing the specific needs of your body and mind. Lorena carefully selects a range of instruments to support you in working with your unique requirements, aiming to soothe, calm, and ease your mind and body. This provides an opportunity for those seeking a deeper and progressive level of healing to explore within a safe and nurturing space.

Sound serves as a powerful tool for pain relief, benefiting various physical, emotional, and mental health conditions. Lorena offers sessions either online, through platforms such as Zoom, or in the comfort of your own home, providing flexibility to suit your preferences.

Private Hire

The perfect treat for special occasions or work wellness days.

A sound bath is a beautiful way to spend celebratory moments with your loved ones. I offer bespoke packages for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, handfastings, women's ceremonies, workplace and corporate wellness days and am available to hire for your retreat!

Please enquire if you would like to book a one-off session or set up a more regular private booking for your group.

GROUP Sound Bath

Breathe In. Breathe Out. 

Whatever it is you are looking for, you absolutely do not need to be able to touch your toes, you only need a willing attitude.  I can also supply mats and props if you need them.


All my classes and other therapies can be booked online today.

Yin Yoga on a sound journey

Experience calm and meditative inner and outer worlds through Yin yoga on a Sound journey, bathing in the vibrating tones of different frequencies created by various Sacred sound instruments such as the Moon Gong, Crystal bowls, singing bowls, rain stick, koshi chimes, etc.


Expect little movement, deep stretching & long holds to get into those tight areas. We’ll move slowly and intuitively into various lying-down poses. You’ll receive gentle guidance throughout the session. You’ll then lie down, relaxed & at peace on your mat to receive a sound bath of beautiful instruments 


This is “me” time with your thoughts and is a great way to meditate. It also trains the mind to be comfortable with the uncomfortable until it passes.


Yin and Sound is like taking yourself to a mini retreat, a perfect antidote to the busy modern life. 


Suitable for all levels but please do let us know if you are pregnant or have a heart condition. Useful for relieving stress and pain, and improving sleep. Calm your mind and stretch your body. Cosy clothes, blankets, pillows and eye masks encouraged!

I am a certified Sound Healing and Vocal Toning therapist, trained by Anne Malone in 2018. I am trained to use Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drums, Gong, Hang, Sansula, Rain Sticks, and other tools are known for their vibratory healing power.


I have also studied gong therapy with Don Conreaux and Vikrampal Sing (2020) and completed a gong Intensive course with Sheila Whittaker in Devon in 2022.

I am currently studying music theory and voice activation with Scarlett de la Torre. 


I offer tailored sessions adapted to your own specific needs combining different healing methods and techniques to be able to offer a truly bespoke experience.


Sessions can be offered in English or Spanish.

Pink Flower

Maria Lockhart

Thank you, Sunday’s sound bath was such a lovely treat. This is the first time I’ve joined a dedicated sound session and I found it so relaxing and joyous. It was an amazing experience and I found the sense of hearing become so meaningful and peaceful. It was very special and I’ll definitely be joining another session. 

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