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Self Love is Never Selfish

You cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself

Start to live a life of passion and purpose

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Self Love Coaching Programe


This 3 part self-love coaching intensive to help women get clear on what changes they would like to make in their life in order to live with greater happiness and purpose, uncover the subconscious blocks and past memories that have impacted their current health and use The Law of Attraction to start cultivating a more positive mindset.

Feel ready to start?

Who would benefit from this?

Women who are struggling with their health (physical and mentally), feeling like they have no sense of direction and purpose and who would like to live a happier and more fulfilling life free from anxiety and depression. Also for women who want a deeper connection with themselves and their bodies and they wish to deepen their spiritual practice.


Healing yourself is always connected with healing others

Session One: Get clear on what you really want to achieve 

This first coaching session is designed to help you get clear on your goals, what you want from life and how you want to feel moving forwards.

This session will help you choose goals that are aligned with your heart’s desires and will ensure that you are specific with your intentions rather than being too vague and general with your desires.


It will encourage you to ask for what you really want from life unapologetically rather than constantly feeling like you are settling.

Session Two: Identifying your subconscious blocks that are contributing to your anxiety/depression

This session is designed to start helping you identify where you are holding onto certain beliefs or thought patterns that aren’t serving you and where in your life these thought patterns were formed.

For many women, these were formed at an early age and have been cemented into your subconscious by subsequent later life events.

This session is designed to help you get to the root cause of your why you are currently feeling like you are and what has triggered some of your negative thought patterns. 

It’s important that these blocks are identified so that you know which beliefs to work on moving 

Session Three: Law of Attraction Coaching 

This next session is designed to help you understand the basics of The Law of Attraction as a tool to help you release yourself from anxiety/depression moving forwards and how it can help you to heal.

We will dive into how the Law of Attraction applies to your current beliefs/self-worth and emotions and changes you will need to make so that you manifest more positivity, confidence, and an energy and enthusiasm for life.  We will look into some key Law of Attraction exercises that will support you in your mental health moving forwards. duce law of attraction rituals such as vision boards, affirmations & journaling so you can get clarity on your desires & start establishing a new, more empowered set of beliefs. Self-acceptance.  

Also, we will introduce law of attraction rituals such as vision boards, affirmations & journaling so you can get clarity on your desires & start establishing a new, more empowered set of beliefs.

Start Wellness Coaching Today


Don’t let your life and health be driven by luck, learn to self-regulate and care for yourself.

Knowledge is the first step towards health, the second is determination and the third is your commitment to new habits that you have to establish.

I invite you to accept this invitation to begin a new chapter in your life by booking a free consultation call or by getting started on your journey to wellness today

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