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True Self Coaching

My new coaching service will launch very soon.

Decide today to start living the life you know you deserve by choosing one of my coaching options below.

Start today

Book a Free 30-minute 'Discovery Call' to decide if together, we can create a plan of action to move you into achieving all you know you can be.


If you're already clear on what you want in your life, choose the 'Achieve' option and let us work together to make your dream a reality in this action-focused single, hour-long session


For those seeking a lasting, unbreakable, mental toughness that will enable you to overcome any obstacle on the path to your dream, choose my 6 sessions 'Success' coaching package.

Simply click each option below to learn more and to make a booking

I look forward to speaking with you very soon



Love, Lorena x

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.

Simply click an option to learn more

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Love, Lorena x

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